The Group’s modern infrastructure and energy projects propmote Sustainable Development by contributing to the social prosperity and positive image of Greece internationally.
The multiple benefits of the Group’s business activity are translated into thousands of jobs, benefits and insurance contributions, partnerships with thousands of suppliers for the purchase of products and services as well as taxes and investments.
The indirect positive impacts of the Group’s activities are associated with transportation safety, upgrading of the urban infrastructures, access to places of art and culture, improvement of citizens’ quality of life and the preservation and protection of the natural environment.


Recognizing the social risk inherent in carrying out its activities in local communities, the Group conducts social impact assessment prior to the commencement of any new work, including the assessment of potential impacts on human rights, health of residents, and consultation with local community and stakeholders on issues that could potentially degrade the quality of life of residents. In 2018, the Group contributed to social development, with its “Social Product” amounting to almost € 1.5 billion.