GEK TERNA Group aims to long-term value creation, systematically promotes responsible entrepreneurship and sustainable development at both national and international level and demonstrates that economic success is closely linked to value creation for all stakeholders and the wider social community, without the protection of the environment.

In addition, the Group considers as a matter of significant importance its social and environmental footprint, both through its business ethics and culture, and through targeted actions to support vulnerable populations, contributing to the local communities in which it operates, protecting the environment and creating career opportunities for young people in the field of education and scientific research and training.

Throughout its history, GEK TERNA Group has managed to build a strong reputation and long-term trust relationships with its partners and shareholders through the values and culture that govern its business, as illustrated below:

1. Respect for humans and the natural environment
2. Create value for all Stakeholders
3. Honesty and Reliability
4. Targeted social contribution