GEK TERNA Group: Standing constantly alongside society


Through targeted actions and initiatives, GEK TERNA Group improves the daily life of local communities, supports the new generation, contributes to the care of the socially vulnerable groups, and strengthens the local economy and entrepreneurship, while always declaring that it is "present" in dealing with crises and emergencies.

On the front line in emergency situations

From the first moment when the devastating cyclone, i.e. Daniel, broke out in Thessaly causing unprecedented damages, GEK TERNA Group stood by the side of local communities and reacted immediately. The Group demonstrated high agility, providing staff and machinery from the three TERNA construction sites in the wider area. The provision of assistance to the affected areas, and in particular to the municipalities of Karditsa, Mouzaki, Domokos, Sofados, Meteora, Trikala, Argithea and Metsovo, included pumping water into flooded houses and evacuating residents, restoring traffic on road sections, cleaning streams and ditches, loading and removal of dead animals from stables and fields, cleaning of materials on roads and properties. In total almost 200 people and more than 120 machines from the neighboring construction sites were deployed.

In addition, in the context of the ongoing effort to recover and reconstruct the areas affected by the summer wildfires, the Group has undertaken as restoration contractor the financing of a study and the execution of anti-corrosion works in Mandra-Magoula areas, amounting to 1 million Euros.

Initiatives and actions to support the new generation of scientists

Truly believing in young people and their ability to shape the country's future generation of scientists, the Group created the "Inventive Generation", a comprehensive and targeted program of sponsorships and actions focused on innovation, education and training.   

A prominent position among the related actions of the program is the exclusive sponsorship by GEK TERNA Group of the first Professional Interdepartmental Master's Program in Infrastructure and Construction Project Management at the National Technical University of Athens. The program actually started last October. In the winter semester, 35 students who were admitted to the program will be trained in courses such as Integrated Project and Risk Management, Construction Techniques and Methods, Costing and Tendering, Technical Law, Technical Finance, as well as lectures and technical visits. The Master's Program is financed entirely by GEK TERNA Group in principle for five years with the total amount standing at half million Euros.

In addition, for the last six years GEK TERNA Group has consistently supported the GreenTech Challenge, the largest green innovation program carried out under the scientific responsibility of the UNESCO Chair for Green Innovation and Circular Economy. The Group has actively participated through its experienced executives in all stages of competition (topic selection, finding innovative solutions and teams, business maturation of ideas and development of solutions, presentation of the most effective solutions for solving business challenges). The program has created an ecosystem of scientists, mentors, entrepreneurs and contestants who are creating innovative and sustainable solutions to solve important environmental issues.

The "Inventive Generation" Program also includes a number of actions supporting university and school innovation groups in the fields of robotics and motor sports.

Supporting local communities and boosting employment

With diverse activity in strategic sectors of the Greek economy, GEK TERNA Group, the largest investor in concessions and energy projects, promotes the implementation of investments of 10 billion Euros, which are expected to create more than 20,000 new and well-paid jobs in the following years.

At the same time, it continuously supports actions which improve the quality of life of the local communities in the areas in which the Group activates. In this context, the Group sponsors the construction of infrastructure projects and also offers sponsorship programs to support vulnerable social groups, sports and cultural clubs, etc. At the same time, for the construction of the projects it develops throughout Greece, the Group consciously chooses to cover hundreds of jobs with workers from the local communities, therefore stimulating domestic employment and improving the standard of living in every place where it is present.