GEK TERNA Group at the forefront of the national effort against the pandemic - Handsome Donation to the National Health Service


GEK TERNA Group fully supports the battle our country’s health care workers have been fighting every day and implements a generous support programme comprising donations of equipment and medical supplies to covid-19 hospitals, both in the capital city and in regional towns, but also in all health centres in every area the Group operates.

To illustrate, the Group has fully equipped eight Intensive Care Units beds of the Attica Hospital; it has purchased and donated uniforms and medical supplies to the Evangelismos hospital; and has supplied covid-10 hospitals and health centres around Greece, namely in Attica, Crete, Ioannina, Evia and elsewhere, with mobile facilities for the patient’s initial examination, necessary equipment and medical supplies. So far, our donations amount to more than half a million euro and continue since needs still remain high.

Ensuring our employees’ health and safety worldwide and reinforcing the national economy through our investments have taken priority.

Since the pandemic’s very outbreak, we, at the GEK TERNA Group, have been standing shoulder to shoulder in the national fight against the virus, implementing a comprehensive programme on three pillars: protecting our employees’ health and safety around the world; supporting the National Health Service by donating medical supplies and equipment; and shielding national economy by uninterruptedly implementing planned investments which amount to 5 billion euro, since these constitute a necessary condition for economic growth and employment promotion


The Group’s integrated Business Continuity Plan

Swiftly acknowledging the situation, we rapidly launched our integrated Business Continuity Plan, which ensures the Group’s smooth operation in crisis, with our people’s health and safety around the world always as our top priority.

Closely following the developments on the pandemic front and considering the increased covid cases and the governmental instructions, we provide free molecular tests for diagnosing the virus to all our human resources to ensure a safe working environment and protect public health at this critical juncture.

The Group’s Business Continuity Plan includes strict operating rules at every location GEK TERNA is present both in Greece and abroad. A select working group comprising both Group executives and specialised scientific associates has been set up to handle the pandemic and monitor the Plan's implementation daily. Among others, the Plan stipulates a programme of remote or alternate work, special care for vulnerable workers, the drastic reduction of trips, meetings and events to the essential and usage of alternative ways of realising those through technological solutions. Already from the initial phase of the health crisis, over and above the Authorities’ measures to which we strictly adhered in all of our facilities around the world, we safely repatriated hundreds of our executives and employees that had been working on various projects outside Greece, even if we had to charter special flights.

Investments: a vital pillar of the country's financial growth

With a view to the day after and an increased sense of responsibility for our role as a factor of economic growth and society’s support, we continue to dynamically realise a large-scale investment programme of five billion euro in Greece in the clean energy and infrastructure. Implementation of the investments will create around 20,000 new jobs over the next five years, support local communities, protect the environment and help tackle climate change.

Social responsibility lies in our DNA.

If corporate social responsibility had been an abstract concept in part of the public’s mind until today, covid-19’s universal threat allowed it to acquire a specific identity and produce tangible results. In times of crisis like the one we are undergoing, CSR is more necessary than ever. The business world must do its part to curb the virus’ spread and promote the citizens’ well-being even following the pandemic crisis. This only comes naturally to us at GEK TERNA Group, since our corporate philosophy has been founded on respect for people, producing work with value for all, reliability and social contribution: features that have contributed determinedly to our Group’s business excellence for more than 50 years.