The new generation at the center of GEK TERNA Group's sponsorship program


GEK TERNA Group presents "Skillfull Generation", an integrated skills development program to support a new generation of of scientists in the critical sectors of infrastructure and energy.

Truthfully believing in the Greek youth and their ability to shape the country's future generation of scientists, GEK TERNA Group is making a long-term and multifaceted investment in the future of the domestic infrastructure and energy sector. Through an integrated and targeted network of actions entitled "Skillful Generation", GEK TERNA Group supports innovation, education and training in practice, offering resources, knowledge, supplies and tools to actively support a new generation of engineers who will shape the future.



What is included in the "Skillfull Generations Program


GEK TERNA Group and the National Technical University of Athens jointly proceeded to the establishement of the first Professional Interdepartmental Master's Degree Program entitled "Infrastructure and Construction Project Management".

A prominent position among the relevant actions of the "Skillful Generation" Program holds the exclusive sponsorship of GEK TERNA Group at the National Technical University of Athens for the creation of the first Professional Interdepartmental Master's Degree Program, with a diploma equivalent to a Master of Science (MSc) degree and the title: "Management of Infrastructure and Construction Projects" (MICP). The Master's Program from the School of Civil Engineering NTUA, with the partnership of the School of Mechanical Engineering NTUA and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering NTUA, will start next autumn and the relevant Announcement has already been posted here.

Supporting university and school innovation groups.

In addition, GEK TERNA Group's "Skillful Generation" Program includes a number of actions to support university and school innovation groups such as:
  • TUCer (Technical University of Crete eco racing) team of the Technical University of Crete: The team manufactures electric city vehicles, which use hydrogen as fuel, with the aim of participating in the Shell Eco Marathon Europe international fuel consumption competition.
  • Lamborgenius – Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Patras: The team consists of five female students, who designed and built an innovative energy-powered wheelchair that moves and stops exclusively in a chemical way, covering a certain distance, with which they won the first place in the Panhellenic competition Chem-E-Car and represented Greece in the global Chem-E-Car Chemical Engineering competition in Arizona, USA.
  • Greco Racing Team - F1 in Schools – Anatolia School – Thessalonica: The Greco Racing Team was born from the union of the Greek Champion Anatolian Racers of the Anatolia College and the Grace team of the 3rd High School of Serres. GEK TERNA Group supported the team for its participation in the World Finals of the largest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) student competition in the world, F1 in Schools.
  • Robotic Research and Innovation Team “PanEll -” – Patras/Champion of Greece 2023: The team consists of 9 students from different schools and classes from the 2nd Secondary school to the 2nd High School. The team has been participating in the First Lego League Educational Robotics, Research and Innovation competition for 4 years. This year the team won the first place in Greece, earning the opportunity to represent our country at the FLL World Competition-Championship in Houston.
  • NROBOGEN Robotics Team - Amfilochia: The student team with its project “Lumina”, a prototype construction of a lamp that works with solar energy, won the fourth place in the Panhellenic FIRST LEGO League Robotics and Innovation competition and represented Greece in the FIRST LEGO world event League Morocco Open International 2023.

Sponsor of the National Green Innovation Program "GreenTech Challenge" and numerous scientific conferences.

GEK TERNA Group has been a constant Gold Sponsor from 2018 until today of the GreenTech Challenge by ESU NTUA, the largest National Green Innovation Program, aimed at young engineers, researchers, technocrats and startups. The goal of the competition is to highlight innovative ideas and solutions aimed at solving environmental challenges using technology.

At the same time, GEK TERNA Group, through sponsorships, supports scientific Greek and international conferences, aimed at promoting research and training for both its executives and the new generation of scientists. Recent examples include, the World Tunnel Congress 2023, the 5th International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and the 16th Conference of the Hellenic Geological Society

Finally, the Group continuously supports educational trips and visits by students from Greece and abroad to its projects and construction sites, so that young engineers can benefit from the acquisition of knowledge in the field. In this context, for the last two academic years, the Group also sponsors the educational exercise organized by the 4th year of the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens in Europe, with a visit to major technical projects, such as road construction projects, tunnels, dams, railway projects, special foundations, bridges, etc.

With the Program "Skillful Generation" we are investing in the most realistic depiction of the future, in the youth, supporting actively their efforts to develop and prosper in their country", stated the Director of Communications and Sustainable Development of GEK TERNA Group, Mr. Konstantinos Lamprou, referring to the program.

The Group's contribution to society is not limited to this initiative. With a diverse activity in strategic sectors of the economy, GEK TERNA Group is a leading player in clean energy production and storage projects, circular economy, infrastructure and concessions, with approximately 7,000 employees and promoting investments of 10 billion euros, which will create more of 20,000 new and well-paid jobs over the next five years.