Experience the ultimate comfort


In the heart of Kifissia, parking your car in the internationally award-winning Underground Car Park "Alsos Parking" is a totally different experience.

Heading to Athens’ northern suburbs, your starting point for getting around in dashing Kifissia starts at 4-14, Adrianou Street. Right next to the central city Park, in the verdant environs of the suburb’s very centre, the state-of-the-art car park "Alsos Parking" is not only a parking lot for Kifissia’s visitors, employees and residents, but also an experience of real comfort which helps you leave aside any stress you may have.

Indeed, GEK TERNA’s initial aim was to render the spot a place of high technology and aesthetics, where every driver can park his vehicle in safety and comfort. And this is precisely what classified Alsos Parking as one of the top three car parks in Europe in 2015.

Six well-lit levels feature more than 600 parking spaces of all dimensions and the necessary equipment to serve every type of vehicle, from large vehicles to two-wheelers and electric cars. Customers can either go directly to the car park or book a space online in advance.

CCTV operates 24/7 to provide complete security while the car park operates through a self-service system, without requiring any staff intervention. Citizens with reduced mobility park their vehicles at designated spaces. Customers can make use of a comfortable waiting lounge with various amenities, charge their electric cars or even rent an e-bike.

Drivers can enter and exit around the clock using the double ramps that are there to avoid delays at all times. Access is provided both via the stairwells or the elevators located in the beautiful plaza that has been constructed at the ground level.

In dialogue...with man and the environment

The innovation of Kifissia’s "Alsos Parking" extends to our time's critical issue, handling climate change and building sustainable cities. GEK TERNA’s corporate philosophy is, after all, to always keep man and the environment at the very top of its priorities when deciding on its operational footprint.

From the technology that has been employed in the entire infrastructure to the unique features of its operation (bike sharing, electric car charging system, machine-room-less elevators, use of LED lights / T5 EnergySaver lamps, water-saving at the restrooms and car wash, biodegradable car wash cleaning materials, recycling paper/plastic/glass/office supplies, etc.), Alsos Parking stands out as a model project, which provides solutions to the citizens’ daily lives while also showing the way towards the development of future cities.

* Local residents, visitors, employees working in the vicinity and passengers of the light railway system, all benefit from special discount packages.

* Charges start at 2 euro per hour, with a maximum daily charge of up to eight euro if using the Alsos Prepaid Card or ten euro if booking online.
For more information, please visit www.alsosparking.gr


Source: Bhmagazino