We create reliable infrastructures that improve quality of life


For our Group, the implementation of an infrastructure is of great importance as by this way we participate in something unique, which - despite the passage of time - will remain there and ultimately help to improve the people's living conditions.

Throughout our history which spans almost half a century we have built a very large number of projects, in almost every field of human activity. Our rich experience in all forms of sustainable infrastructure and constructions, in Greece and abroad, has shown to us that there is another important parameter, beyond technical excellence and excellent organization which are in any case prerequisite virtues. This parameter relates to the fact that every project is focused on people.

Key infrastructures that upgrade the daily life of citizens and the country's tourism product

In the infrastructure sector, GEK TERNA Group, through its 100% subsidiary TERNA S.A., is the best ambassador of the Greek technical and construction sector both in Greece and abroad with a completely successful track record based on the timely delivery of quality projects. The portfolio of key infrastructure works that are currently in progress includes, among other things, the Southern and Northern sections of E65 Motorway, which connects the Greek city of Lamia with Egnatia Highway, the new international airport of Crete in Kasteli and the road section Gastouni-Pyrgos of Patra-Pyrgos Motorway. At the same time, the company's workforce and technical teams abroad are implementing the upgrade works of the new international airport of Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" in Serbia (via a joint venture with Vinci) and the infrastructure and electrification projects of the Petarch – Dragoman railway line in Bulgaria.



The new state-of-the-art airport in Kasteli, Island of Crete

The new international airport of Crete, in Kasteli, will replace the already saturated and overbooked "N. Kazantzakis" airport in Heraklion. The new facility will be the second busiest airport in Greece with the capacity to manage up to 18 million visitors per year. At the same time, it will be the only airport that is expected to be built in Southeast Mediterranean region in the next twenty years. Thus, Crete can also become an important regional hub between Asia, Europe and Africa.

These parameters raise high the bar of expectations for the new international airport, which aspires to become the most modern facility of its kind in Greece. Its construction is being carried out by TERNA and the planning foresees the creation of the new airport on an area of 600 hectares, with an airway length of 3.2 km. The new air lane will welcome aircrafts such as the B747 and A330, while the new airport will be the first in Greece with MARS system (Multiple Apron Ramp System) and two passenger boarding bridges, for greater flexibility and efficiency in the management of boarding / disembarking gates.
As far as the new airport is concerned, the strategy to reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint should be taken for granted. This basic direction is complemented by a LEED certification of the terminal, water recycling, reforestation, solar energy, electric vehicle charging stations, electric mobility and waste collection and management at the source.

It is noted that the shareholders of the airport concession company are the Greek State (45.9%), TERNA (32.46%) and GMR Airports Ltd (21.64%).


Serbia opens its "wings"

In 2019, TERNA undertook, on behalf of Vinci Airports, the reconstruction project of the international airport of Belgrade "Nikola Tesla", with the aim of building a state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly airport hub in Southeast Europe. The construction works of the VINCI GRAND PROJECT - TERNA joint venture is in full progress, with the corresponding progress rate (in terms of buildings and infrastructure works) currently settling at 87%.
The project includes a series of interventions to modernize and expand the airport, so that it can more effectively facilitate and serve both passenger and cargo air traffic, towards and from Serbia, under high quality and safety standards. In this context, new building facilities (terminals) of 42,000 m2 are being constructed, alongside the renovation of the existing building facilities which cover 15,000 m2 in total area, as well as external facilities for servicing aircrafts (new airways for landing / take off, nine (9) connecting runways for aircraft traffic, expansion of existing aircraft parking areas and construction of a new parking area, with a total space of 55,000 m2), but also for servicing travelers (infrastructure to serve arrivals and departures, construction of a 3,500 meter road for vehicle traffic purposes, etc.).

In a few years, a state-of-the-art airport will be operating in Kasteli, Crete, which will make Crete an important regional hub between Asia, Europe and Africa. At the same time, within the following years, the new, state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly "Nikola Tesla" airport in Serbia will have been also completed. The common denominator of these two important projects is TERNA, the most creditable representative of the Greek technical world both in Greece and abroad, with the company having already undertaken their construction.

Modern buildings that transform the image of cities   

Cities change, evolve and invite us to discover their modern and extroverted side. Bioclimatic office buildings, multi-theme tourist resorts, modern medical facilities, are some of the major private construction projects currently in full swing by TERNA, the construction arm of GEK TERNA Group.


The "transformation" of Piraeus Tower

The tallest building in city of Piraeus is being transformed into a modern, bioclimatic building. In the summer of 2023, Piraeus will welcome Greece's first digital and bioclimatic skyscraper.
"Piraeus Tower", with Piraeus Tower S.A. as the developer and operator, will be the first "green" Tower in Greece, as it will receive the highest Platinum certification according to the international sustainable development standard LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
TERNA is part of this large project, as it has undertaken the phases A’ and B’ of the reconstruction works.


The Inter-Balkan Medical Center of Thessaloniki is expanding

The construction works at the Inter-Balkan Medical Center are in full progress and once completed, a new four-story medical unit with a ground-floor artificial kidney unit, a pharmacy and a basement for ancillary uses, will be added to the existing building facilities. Following the expansion, the Inter-Balkan Medical Center will be functioning thereafter as a single unit for the provision of integrated medical and health care services.
The project under construction will shortly reveal a modern facility that will enhance the services already offered, improving the quality of life of the residents of Thessaloniki city and by extension of Northern Greece and the Balkans.

“Ayia Napa Marina” - An iconic project in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region


A state-of-the-art “smart” marina already built and delivered to the company “M.M. Makronisos Marina Ltd” by TERNA, two impressive towers, a complex of luxury residences, shops, dining and event spaces, the construction of which is also underway by TERNA.
With the completion of the project, it is expected that the tourist and business activity of the area will develop further and strongly, and the place will emerge as the best and most cosmopolitan tourist resort of the Mediterranean region.

"City of Dreams Mediterranean" - The largest multi-theme resort in Europe

Also in Cyprus, in a joint venture with AVAX, TERNA is building the "City of Dreams Mediterranean" hotel and casino complex in Limassol, with a total built-up area of approximately 96,000 m2.
Once completed, the "City of Dreams Mediterranean" will be the largest and most luxurious multi-theme resort in Europe, with a 16-storey 5-star hotel, outdoor amphitheater, conference-exhibition center, an adventure park, dining areas and luxury shops.

Critical infrastructure for the energy security of the country

In order to have energy that is readily available in every corner of the country but also for every citizen of any country, the construction of critical energy infrastructure that is capable of providing energy sufficiency is now more important than ever. TERNA, the most reliable ambassador of the Greek technical and construction sector both in Greece and abroad, has undertaken and is executing some of the most complex and demanding projects in the field of energy infrastructure. These include the construction of the new combined cycle gas turbine plant fueled by natural gas with gross capacity of 877 MW in Komotini, Northern Greece, the construction works of the conversion stations for the electric interconnection between Crete and County of Attica, the construction of the compression station of Greece’s Natural Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) in Ampelia Farsalon, as well as the 6th Electric Power Generation Unit at Vassilikos Power Station in Cyprus.


The new combined cycle gas turbine plant fueled by natural gas in Komotini, Greece

This is a project of strategic importance, as it comes to cover the ever increasing needs for electricity in our country following the gradual withdrawal of lignite production units. It is a vital project for the development of the region, but also for the energy security of the country. The new unit, with a total installed capacity of 877 MW, is being jointly developed by the corporate groups Motor Oil and GEK TERNA whereas the construction work carried out by TERNA is in full development.


The electric interconnection between Crete and County of Attica

The SIEMENS - TERNA joint venture, participates in the construction of the Crete-Attica Electric Interconnection, which is the largest electricity transmission project currently being carried out in Greece. TERNA acts as contractor for the construction of the conversion stations.   


The Compressor Station in Ampelia, Farsala, Greece

The Compressor Station in Ampelia Farsalon is one of the most important projects of Greece’s Natural Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) together with the Station in Kipoi, as it will ensure the hydraulic sufficiency of DESFA given the anticipated increase in the quantities transported from north to south following the commencement of operation of TAP pipeline and the rest of the infrastructure.

The 6th Electric Power Generation Unit at Vassilikos Power Station in Cyprus

During the year 2022, TERNA commenced the construction of the Power Generation Unit at the Vassilikos Power Station, with a total maximum capacity of 160 MW. According to the plan, the new unit is expected to be put into commercial operation before the summer season of 2024, thus ensuring the adequacy of electricity production and the availability of the required reserves for Electricity Authority of Cyprus.