GEK TERNA is one of the largest Greek business groups. With a turnover amounting to € 3.9 billion and a backlog of the signed and to be signed contracts of the company that reaches the high level of  5.5 billion Euros, the Group currently holds a leading position in the fields of infrastructure, energy production, supply and trade from thermal sources and RES, concessions, waste management and real estate development & management.

With a half-century track record, the Group has managed to develop a multidimensional activity, to accumulate considerable experience and know-how throughout the scope of its business, thus being able today to carry out the most complex and demanding projects.

GEK TERNA Group is characterized by extroversion, having established its presence in 16 countries where it employs a total of approximately 7,000 employees. The emphasis placed on international orientation is constantly confirmed by the steadily expanding operations outside the Greek borders.

The Group perceives investments as a means to evolve its operations and focuses on the execution of its investment plans. More specifically, during the recent years and amid the unprecedented economic crisis and recession that hit the Greek economy and market, GEK TERNA launched and completed large-scale investment programs, having established itself as one of them most important domestic investors.

At the same time, the Group is a socially responsible entity, whose philosophy and consequently its operations are inspired by the principles of corporate social responsibility, with basic concern and actions for people, the environment and culture.