The Company's share capital amounts to fifty - eight million nine hundred fifty one thousand two hundred seventy five and eighty seven euros (€58,951,275.87), it is fully paid up, and is divided into one hundred and three million four hundred twenty three thousand two hundred ninety one (103,423.291) common registered shares with voting rights and a nominal value of fifty seven cents of the euro each (€ 0,57).

The Company's shares are listed and traded on the Main Market of the Athens Exchange.

Each share bears all the rights and obligations defined by the Law and the Articles of Association of the Company. Furthermore:

  • There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company's shares, arising from its Articles of Association
  • There are no shares that provide special control rights.
  • The Company's Articles of Association do not provide for any restrictions on the shares’ voting rights.
  • The Company is not aware of the existence of agreements between its shareholders, which impose restrictions on the transfer of its shares or on the exercise of the shares’ voting rights.
  • There are no agreements that enter into force, are amended or expire, in the event of a change in the Company's control following a public offer.
  • There are no agreements of the Company with members of its Board of Directors or its personnel, which provide for the payment of compensation, especially in case of resignation or dismissal without a valid reason or termination of their term or employment due to a public offer.