Corporate Governance addresses all the established rules and business practices applied by GEK TERNA, in order to ensure the duration and efficiency of its operations for the benefit of its shareholders and other stakeholders in general.

The Corporate Governance Code is the basis for integrating a system of corporate governance that evolves and adapts continuously to the changing circumstances of the Company's economic, social and business environment and ensures compliance of the company resources with the principles of transparency, professional ethics and good governance, at each level of administration.

The custodian and responsible body for the implementation of these principles in the operation of the company, as well as the expressive of its administrative philosophy, is the Board of Directors. The compliance to the principles of corporate governance, the effectiveness of the Company's operations and the protection of the rights of all its shareholders are monitored by the Board of Directors, which evaluates on a regular basis the information it receives from the internal audit system, other mechanisms, as well as from the company's executives, regarding the internal and external factors that endanger the operation of the company and the achievement of its objectives, in order to gain a direct perception of the risk and to take timely and vigorous action regarding the necessary decisions and remedies.

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