GEK TERNA’s principles, beliefs, corporate culture, business ethics and primarily its voluntary ethical commitments are crucial pillars of the group’s operations and remain unchanged over time.

The group’s Code of Conduct, along with the corporate governance rules and the policies that we apply, define the framework of its business operation.

These rules and policies describe the behavior we anticipate from our people, as well as the way we conduct our business with our customers, suppliers and other partners.

In this context, the company follows the following policies, which ensure the desired agreed and transparent operating framework:

GEK TERNA Group of companies, implements the Management System in order to effectively and efficiently comply with the Code of Conduct.

For information, please contact the Compliance Officer:

Code of Conduct

Reporting - Complaints’ System’s communication channels

In the context of the correct use of the GEK TERNA Group’s Code of Conduct, you are kindly requested to use one of the following communication channels with the Regulatory Compliance Unit for reporting any cases of fraud, corruption, bribery, conflict of interests, harassment at work and in general deviations from the Code of Conduct.

You can contact either anonymously or by name through:

  • E-mail to the electronic address
  • The platform
  • A letter addressed to: "GEK TERNA S.A.” 85, Mesogeion Αve., Athens 115 26, Greece, for the attention of the “Regulatory Compliance Officer” of the Company, with the indication "Confidential".
  • Orally after a meeting with the Compliance Officer.