Ionia Odos Motorway: 196 km that changed Western Greece


It was with joy and pride that all of us at GEK TERNA Group helped realise thousands of citizens’ vision for an isolated area of our homeland, Western Greece, an aspirational project for the whole country, which moreover was carried out in such a challenging time, in the context of close financial monitoring and fiscal adjustment.

Ionia Odos Motorway: Starting from Antirrio, stretching to Ioannina, it crosses two regions (Western Peloponnese and Epirus) and four prefectures (Etoloakarnania, Arta, Preveza and Ioannina). It exponentially reduces travel time and connects the whole of Western Greece with safety. The Ionian Motorway, however, is more than a state-of-the-art 196-kilometre route. It is a strategically critical road infrastructure that breathed fresh air into Western Greece, especially of the Epirus Region, that had sunk into oblivion, supporting their entrance into a new growth era and drastically improving citizens’ quality of life.
The Ionian Motorway Road completely transformed the Western Greece road map and converted travelling from Antirrio to Ioannina from an adventurous 3.5-hour trip to a safe, comfortable route of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Unique destinations are now within easy reach, and important city hubs, such as Ioannina, Arta and Agrinio, have now gained faster accessibility. Etoloakarnania’s and Epirus’ coasts and beautiful highland villages have now become weekend destinations, and the Ionian islands, especially true for Lefkada, as well as the ports of Patras, Astakos and Igoumenitsa, have now come closer. Needless to say that the Ionian Motorway also boosted trade, transport and tourism and facilitated the corridor to the Western Balkans and Europe.
What’s more, the Ionian Motorway contributes to an extremely important target, namely road safety. For many years, our country has held some of the saddest records, primarily due to the outdated road network and our road behaviour that we all need to improve.

Top construction and operation standards

The Ionian Motorway features four two-way tunnels and five large bridges. It is a construction that stands out for the highest standards in the world. Since road safety was a top priority from the outset, particular emphasis has been placed on the geometric design, traffic load studies and signage design. Employees of “Nea Odos”, the motorway’s operating and maintenance company, strive for road safety and quality and take all necessary measures to prevent primary and secondary incidents. Particular emphasis is placed on quality maintenance with the highest standards, constant monitoring and amelioration of business readiness and employing innovative technologies to the extent possible. These are all complemented by an array of services: the four-digit emergency number 1075, 24/7 Road Safety Patrols, the Traffic Management & Tunnel Control Centres equipped with cutting-edge systems for safer traffic management, free roadside assistance to broken down vehicles to avoid traffic tie-ups, and the customer care switchboard at 2641 306 306.

Ionia Odos Motorway has significantly upgraded each driver's overall travel experience, investing in services and possibilities beyond what is traditionally thought of as a highway's "limits".

The first Greek highway featuring electric vehicle chargers

To help tackle climate change and since the transition to e-mobility is the next big thing for the transport industry, Ionia Odos is the first and only Greek motorway to feature electric vehicle chargers in all its Service Areas. Along the whole highway, approximately every 30 km, electric vehicles can be charged in less than 20 minutes. In addition, since protecting the environment constitutes a major strategic goal for our Group, the "greenest highway in the country" is also a pioneer in recycling; recycling plastic, glass, aluminium, tin and paper facilities are found in all parking lots along the road.

Drivers can access information regarding the Ionian Motorway through their cellular phone via an all-in-one application, the first one in the country, named MyOdos. Traffic alerts, connecting to the emergency phone number, route alternatives and many more are featured in the app, which is, of course, available around the clock.

200 landmarks and 538 stories

ROUTES, a compilation of cultural, natural and gastronomy suggestions, renders Ionia Motorway an integrated experience. Two hundred landmarks and 538 individual stories are featured in the microsite, all referring to areas the motorway crosses. Drivers can navigate to points of interest, select those they wish to explore and take advantage of the audio files that serve as professional guides!

Moreover, Ionia Motorway supports primary producers of the surrounding areas, hence operating a farmer's market at which local producers alternate selling their traditional products at six appealing stalls, located in the Amvrakia parking lot 86th km, in the direction of Antirrio.