Individuals or legal entities obliged to disclose, according to the provisions of Articles 9 (paragraphs 1 & 4), 10 and 11 of Law 3556/2007, are required to do so regarding significant changes in the company’s voting rights they possess. Disclosing must take place simultaneously to the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and to the Company.

The Company is appropriately informed after the relevant Notification Form (TR1) is legally signed and submitted either by the insider in person, or by a lawful proxy to the Shareholders Department at the Company's registered office (85, Mesogeion Avenue, 11526, Athens), or via a confirmed fax transmission to +30 210 6968076. (Responsible Person: Mrs. Katerina Mavidou Tel.: 210 6968427). The Notification Form (TR1) should be submitted at the latest within three (3) trading days, based on the official trading calendar of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, after the disclosure obligation was created.

The disclosure to the Hellenic Capital Market Commission is made within the aforementioned deadline by submitting the legally signed Notification Form (TR1) to the central registry of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (1, Kolokotroni & Stadiou street, 10562 Athens), addressed to the Directorate of Public Offerings and Supervision of Listed Companies (Department of Supervision and Monitoring of the Behavior of Listed Companies), bearing the indication "Notification of acquisition or disposal of major holdings of voting rights pursuant to Law 3556/2007″, or by a confirmed fax transmission (+30 210 3377243).

In addition to the above, the following are noted:

  • The competent authority for overseeing disclosure obligations is the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.
  • Filling in correctly the notification is an exclusive obligation and responsibility of the insider.
  • A legally signed notification is the one that bears the signature of the insider himself or of another individual, legally empowered.
  • In case that the insider is a legal entity, the declaration is deemed lawfully signed, when signed by its legal representative.
  • A template of the special notification form, the relevant legislation (L.3556 / 2007, Decision 1/347/03.07.2007 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and Circular 33 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission), as well as the official trading calendar, are posted on the website of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (www.cmc.gov.gr) in Greek and English.

The competent department of the Company is at the disposal of insiders, in order to provide any information and facilitate in the notification process.