Residential Complex in Metaxourgeio, Athens
The complex is a high aesthetic contemporary residential building the architectural design of which has arisen from an international architectural competition (102 attendances from both Greece and abroad). Moreover, in 2010 the complex was awarded the prize for “Best Implemented project of the years 2007-2009” by the international architectural review “DOMES”. The complex is developed in five (5) levels around a central atrium, and consists of 41 apartments and three (3) shops at the ground level by Myllerou Str. The building disposes four vertical circulation cores (both stairways and elevators) ensuring both easy access to the apartments and privacy for their inhabitants. Furthermore, there are two (2) underground levels in the Complex - the 2nd underground level used as a parking area and the 1st underground level where the storage rooms and a heated communal swimming pool is located.
27, Millerou & 7 Germanikou Str., 24b Marathona Str. - 52 Leonidiou Str., Metaxourgeio, Athens
Floor areas
Total Plot Area:
2.155 sq.m.

Residential area:
3.900 sq.m.

Commercial area:
260 sq.m.

Underground storage & parking spaces:
2.300 sq.m. (44 parking lots)
Buyers / Tenants
Residencies and commercial areas were sold or lease by individuals.
Construction Period
2006 - 2009