"Palaia" Entertainment Center, Volos
The Entertainment Center “Palaia” is comprised of the renovated building of the former “Loulis” Flour Mill and a new two-storey building, where four (4) screens Multiplex Cinema, a Bowling Centre of 12 aisles, entertainment clubs etc. are hosted. The simultaneous presence of local enterprises and well-known brands ensured the warm acceptance by the citizens of Volos and of the surrounding areas.
Building block between Kreontos-Ferron-Giannitson and Mitr. Grigoriou Streets, Area of Palaia, Volos
Floor areas
Entertainment and Shopping Center of a total surface of 6.100 sq.m. with underground parking area of 2.450 sq.m.
Village Center Cinema, Bowling – Coffee house Galaxy, Coffee - Bar Lost, Club Bedroom, Club Royce κτλ.
Construction Period
2004 - 2005