"Politeia" Residential Complex in Thessaloniki
“Politeia” residential complex is located at the West entrance of Thessaloniki, in the municipality of Menemeni, a district of rising commercial value. The complex location is advantageous due to its proximity with the Peripheral Ring Road, and only 15’ minutes away from the business area of Sindos as well as from the centre of Thessaloniki.
The residential complex is developed in six (6) residential units with large scale outdoor areas, squares and green areas. There are three (3) main types of apartment, type A, type B and type C. The total area of the apartments varies from 55 sq.m. (1 bedroom ap.) to 95 sq.m. (3 bedroom ap.). The construction of the residential complex has been implemented by TERNA S.A.
N. Kazantaki & Moutafi Str., Menemeni, Thessaloniki
Floor areas
Total Plot Area:
12.285 sq.m.

Residential Area:
27.880 sq.m. (436 apartments)

Commercial Area:
2.530 sq.m.

Underground storage & parking spaces:
1.1230 sq.m. (26 lots)

Ground floor parking lots:
Buyers / Tenants
Residencies were sold to individual buyers, while commercial areas were leased to individuals to host shops with auxiliary uses to a residential area.
Construction Period
2001 - 2007