"EPPATHE" Business Park of Thessaloniki
EPPATHE is an established business area, which resides on a completely level area of 250 hect. It is strategically located, designed and organized according to the contemporary town planning requirements, thereby constitutes an ideal site for the immediate establishment or translocation of light or heavy industrial sector companies (no installation permit required), as well as suitable for logistics & distribution sector services. EPPATHE combines the subsidy/support and taxation incentives arisen from the Development’s Law, favourable building terms, comprehensive road, water, irrigation and sewerage infrastructure, as well as a railway platform station, waste treatment plant and fire safety infrastructure and the Administration - Support centre for established companies.  
23rd km of the Edessa-Thessaloniki National Road (E86), Ag. Athanasios, Kato Gefura, Thessaloniki
Floor areas
Total Plot Αrea:
988.000 sq.m.

Surface of available plots:
232,000 sq.m.
Existing Industrial Activities
Industrial Buildings: MEL SΑ., HARTEL SA, ENERMEL etc.
Construction Period
2006 - 2008