3 TOPS - A complex of apartments, offices and stores, Sofia, Bulgaria
The “3tops” complex is located on Bulgaria Avenue, merely 15’ from the city centre, in a rapidly developing area of the southern suburbs of Sofia. It consists of three (3) independent buildings, “A” “B” and “C”, adjacent in an exceptional configuration and exquisite architectural design. Buildings “A” and “C” host luxury apartments, whereas building “B” comprises exclusively of offices. The ground floor and semi-underground level host highly-prestigious stores facing Bulgaria Avenue. Moreover the complex offers outdoor parking area for visitors. The two (2) underground levels comprise of aprox. 130 parking and 90 storage spaces which are available for the tenants.
110, Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria
Floor areas
Total Plot Area:
4.200 sq.m.

Residential Area:
12.000 sq.m.

Commercial Area:
8.000 sq.m.

Underground storage & parking spaces:
5.100 sq.m.
Buyers / Tenants
Private investors, companies etc.
Construction Period
2005 - 2008