"Tsalapata" Cultural & Entertainment Center, Volos
The Cultural & Entertainment Center “Tsalapata” includes cultural, recreational and retail areas as well as the Industrial Museum which exhibits the infrastructure and the mechanical equipment of the old tile factory. Exhibitions, social events and concerts are hosted on the outdoor area. The Industrial Museum is operated by the Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Bank.
Giannitson and Lachana Streets, Area of Palaia, Volos
Floor areas
Cultural and Entertainment Center of a total surface of 9.380 sq.m. built on a plot of 22.650 sq.m. The Center includes the Industrial Museum of PIOP with a total surface of 4.680 sq.m. and Recreational/Retail areas of 4.700 sq.m.
"Abbaeio" bar, "LabArt" concert stage, Taverna Itailiana "Pasta Pazza", "Alternative" Fitness & Dance Center, "Kaminada" Workshop for children, "ANAXAT" Yoga Meditation Center, University of Thessaly, Conference halls etc.
Construction Period
2004 - 2006