"Paralimnio" Ioannina Fun Park
“Paralimnio” Ioannina Fun Park is the sole entertainment park in NorthWestern Greece. It covers a total area of 12 acres facing the Ioannina lake and only a few minutes away from the city center. It is comprised of three (3) building complexes, while on the surrounding area three (3) pools are located for athletic and recreation purposes. The Park covers all types of entertainment for citizens of both Ioannina and the surrounding area throughout the year.
Botanikos area, Ioannina
Floor areas
Entertainment, Leisure and Shopping Center of a total surface of 10.000 sq.m., with recreation grounds of 30.000 sq.m. and 600 parking spaces.
ODEON Cineplex, PLAY HALL (cafe, bowling), Fun Football Fields, Factory of Sound,Resort Pool Bar,"Pamvotis" Tennis Courts, "Kiss FM" Radio Station, Restaurant-Café etc.
Construction Period
2002 - 2004