"Ektonon" Office Building, Athens
The building is comprised of six (6) levels built - up area and four (4) underground levels, of which the first underground level connects directly to the ground floor level and the remaining three (3) levels host storage rooms and 240 parking spaces. The building has three (3) facades at Athinon Av., Sp. Patsi Str. and Naousis Str, where a substantial outdoor free space is available for various uses.
12 Sp.Patsi St & 31-33 Athinon Av., Botanikos, Athens
Floor areas
Total Plot Area:
3.100 sq.m.

Total Building Floor Area:
19.600 sq.m.

Retail & Office Area:
10.000 sq.m.

Underground Parking & Storage Space Area:
9.600 sq.m. (240 lots)
Sold to a private investor. Today the building hosts the National Library of Greece, and companies such as OSRAM, SPECIFAR, GOLDEN PROPERTIES, GOLDEN BRANDS, FIRST DATA,  etc.
Construction Period
2005 - 2007