TERNA MAG S.A. is a recently established mining and commercial company specializing in magnesia production.

It was founded in North Evia, Greece, based on the long tradition of magnesite mining and magnesia processing of the area. TERNA MAG draws from the famous magnesite reserves of Mantoudi that for many years supplied the world with superior quality magnesia products.

As a member of GEK TERNA Group, TERNA MAG combines the traditions and practices of the past magnesia activity with the ethics and business practices of a cutting edge modern organization. Having now reconfirmed all past assets, TERNA MAG holds enough magnesite reserves to sustain production for more than fifty years and enjoys full support of the Group for all future development.

TERNA MAG aspires to be an international leader in the magnesia market providing quality solutions for the industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and water treatment industries. READ MORE >>