New Heraklion International Airport of Crete
The New International Airport of Heraklion in Kasteli area is to replace the existing "Nikos Kazantzakis Airport” and will be constructed according to a set of technical and operational specifications to meet current and future transportation needs throughout the concession period.
The new airport will include: 
  • 1 landing-take-off runway of 3,200 meters in length according to ICAO 4E
  • 1 parallel taxiway route of equal length
  • 8 rapid exit taxiways2 Crossfield taxiways connecting the taxiway with the Military runway 
  • Apron containing 27 remote parking positions for aircrafts, ICAOC category & 5 + 1 parking spaces of MARS type, ICAOE category (or 10 + 2 fixed contact stands, Category C)
  • 1 Terminal Building, 5-level, with total surface area of 72,000m2 of which approximately 13,000m2 will be of commercial use and approximately 1,000m2 will comprise permanent exposition venues11 s Buildings / Facilities: Control Tower, Fire Department, Police, Airport Maintenance, Ground Service Installation, Power Plant 150kV Substation, Water Tanks, Biofuels Installation, fuel farm and aircraft refueling Hydrant system, waste treatment plant
  • Car parking stations and related facilities for the servicing of various vehicles (IX, Taxi, City Bus)
  • Internal road network
  • 2-branch access road with 4 roundabouts
  • Commercial Use Area of 400,000m2.

Local connection projects will also take place, namely:
  • Interventions on Northern Cretan Motorway (Greek Motorway 90 (A90)) for the construction of the new Hersonissos Motorway with certain interventions in order to upgrade the local roads to Hersonissos.
  • Airport connecting road with Northern Cretan Motorway at the point of the residential district of Hersonissos, approximately 18km long, with 2 branches and 2 lanes per direction and full length side network.
  • Restoration of the existing National Road Hersonissos - Kasteli at the points of influx from the new Northern Cretan Motorway - Airport junction.
  • Airport junction with Arkalochori-Viannos Road approximately 6km long, with 1 lane per direction and full length side network.
  • Kasteli perimeter road 1.5km long.
  • Exterior perimeter network of the airport via the upgrade of the standards and features of existing roads that are being affected by the new airport to an estimated total length of 20km.

Project's timetable:
According to the contractual terms, the concession will run for thirty-five years from the concession’s commencement date (February 2020) and includes a five-year period for the study and the construction of the project.

Shareholders of the airport concession:
The Greek state (45.9%), TERNA (32.46%) and the Indian corporation GMR Airports Ltd (21.64%).

The project will be 100% constructed by TERNA SA.