GEK TERNA’s Health & Safety Policy aims at providing and preserving a safe work environment throughout its construction and operational activities.

GEK TERNA commits to preventing and minimizing work accidents as well as any mistakes or omissions and their impact on the Health & Safety of employees.

The Group’s main objective is to take all the appropriate preventive measures for the Health and Safety of employees. To accomplish this, GEK TERNA commits to:

  • Fully comply with laws and other requirements relevant to the employees’ Health & Safety that are applicable during operation and construction activities of the company.
  • The better identification of occupational hazards and elimination of their impact on all employees, by adopting proper preventive safety measures
  • Preventing injury and ill health as well as any Health & Safety incidents resulting from operation or construction activities of the company.
  • Providing adequate training of employees on health & safety issues.
  • Proceed promptly to the investigation of every accident / incident in order to reach to proper conclusions and take these safety measures that will avert similar situations in the future.
  • Protecting employees, subcontractors and third parties are included, by adopting technologies and operating procedures providing the necessary safety.

Additionally GEK TERNA is committed to:

  • Constantly improve the HSM System of the company.
  • Communicate its commitment to the advancement of Health & Safety towards employees, suppliers, subcontractors, clients, public services and the community involved.

GEK TERNA’s top management provides all necessary resources to continually improve safety and believes that every employee will undertake his own commitment in the joint effort to prevent and avoid accidents.

Top management and company’s employees are guided by and committed to this Health & Safety Policy Statement.