The incorporation of international standards and management systems in the activities of GEK TERNA Group is a crucial factor for its effective operations.
At the same time, the standards and systems in place are contributing to the continuous improvement and reliability of the Group, as they are subject to internal and mainly external audits by independent bodies.

In 2017, the Group held the following certifications:

• ISO 9001: Quality Management System • ISO 14001: Environmental Management System
• OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System • ISO 39001: Road Traffic Safety (RTS) Management System
• ELOT ΕΝ ISO 17025 by the Hellenic Accreditation System: Accreditation Certificate for the Wind Measurement Laboratory of TERNA ENERGY
• GMP/+B3 Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP certification for caustic magnesia intended for animal feed
• European Regulation 305/2011/EU: POLY CASTRO QUARRY: Certificate of Conformity of Natural Aggregates Production Control at the Plant, in compliance with European Regulation 305/2011/EU
• European Directive 97/23/EC: Quality System of Pressure Equipment Manufacturers – Annex III – Module H. Scope: designing, manufacturing and testing of pipelines under pressure in accordance with the European Directive 97/23/EC