The strategy of GEK TERNA Group for Sustainable Development is being continuously expanded and improved in order to benefit shareholders, investors, employees and society at large. Aiming at long-term development, the Group supports local communities in practice wherever it is active.
At the same time, the Group minimises potential risks through synergies between different business units that ensure lower costs and effective risk management.
The Group’s strategy for Sustainable Development is based on enhancing effectiveness through best practices, sustainable initiatives and reliable partnerships.

Sustainable Development Goals in our Operation and Strategy

Two years after the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations on 25 September 2015 in New York, the acknowledgement of their importance for combating extreme poverty, inequality and climate change is staggering.
part from the official commitment of the 193 representatives of states, the business world and civil society have adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a common Sustainability framework applicable worldwide. GEK TERNA Group supports actions to ensure social equality, prosperity and a sustainable natural environment, as it has acknowledged that these 17 global goals are integrally linked to the Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility principles by which it is bound.
GEK TERNA Group, assuming its responsibility as a pioneer and business leader, has voluntarily committed to contributing to the success of those goals directly related to its business.