GEK TERNA Group, aiming at long-term development, promotes responsible entrepreneurship and Sustainability at both national and international level, proving that financial success is closely linked to the creation of value for society at large, posing no risk to the environment.

Furthermore, the Group gives special emphasis on its social and environmental footprint, through its corporate culture and ethics, as well as via targeted actions that support sensitive population groups. Such actions are contributions to local communities and efforts towards the protection of the natural environment. In addition, the Group offers opportunities to young people with regard to their education and professional advancement, and thus through all above actions the Group reveals our true cultural inheritance.

In this framework, GEK TERNA Group:

  • Respects all employees and partners and fully supports their rights and interests;
  • Strictly complies with all regulations with regards to the health and safety at the work environment and thus respects the highest value of all, the human life;
  • Gives emphasis to the protection and promotion of the natural environment through full compliance with the rules of effective environmental management in all projects under execution as well as through its leading presence in utilizing the Renewable Energy Sources and its involvement in environmental projects (for example waste management, etc);
  • Gives back to the community through targeted actions that improve the quality of life of sensitive social groups and of the local communities in which the Group operates.