Social contribution activities constitute a fundamental principle of GEK TERNA’s strategy. Specifically the Group targets:
  • The support of sensitive social groups.
  • The intervention and subsequent support in cases of great emergency (natural destructions).
  • The implementation of projects and actions that improve the quality of the daily life of local communities in which our Group operates and promote their cultural heritage, in return for the communities’ hospitality.
  • The creation of opportunities for young people through educational and scientific research programs.
Indicative cases of our social contribution activities are the following:
  • Financial support of Non Governmental Organizations and State Entities that aim at improving the quality of life of sensitive social groups (The Smile of the Child, The Ark of the World, UNICEF, Athens Public Nursery, Athens Municipality based Feeding Programs, houses of residential care for the elderly, etc).
  • Construction of infrastructure and other related projects at no cost with the aim to improve the daily life of the inhabitants in the areas of our Group’s activities (maintenance works at schools, health centers, municipal buildings, roads, well drilling works, municipal light works, etc).
  • Creek cleaning and flooding protection works, especially after natural destructions (fires, flooding).
  • Infrastructure works in schools and hospitals after earthquakes.
  • Sponsorship to sport and cultural clubs in the areas of our Group’s activities (Greece and abroad).
  • Financing of cultural events and projects for the promotion of our architectural heritage.
  • Scholarships to young people and sponsoring of scientific research programs and conventions, etc.