By adhering to a long-term strategic plan that incorporates all modern Corporate Responsibility practices, GEK TERNA Group is creating value for Greece within and beyond its borders. Its performance not only in the market but also with respect to employees, the environment, Health and Safety and society are key components of its business success, as the Group’s plan is continuously being enriched and upgraded in order to systematically serve its Corporate Governance principles, ethics, quality and effectiveness. 

Robust and responsible entrepreneurship, as reflected in the actions presented below, is the key driving force of growth for GEK TERNA Group.

• Pursuit of business excellence and responsible action, with absolute respect for the environment wherever the Group operates
• Care for employees, that reach 5,000 around the world
• Protection of the environment and improvement of the Group’s environmental footprint through its business activities
• Support to local communities and enhancement of the economies where it operates
• Systematically invest in best practices and innovative technologies

Corporate Responsibility Report 2017

Corporate Responsibility Report 2016 

Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 

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Corporate Responsibility Report 2013